Looking around the centre

At Kia ora Kids we have an open door policy and welcome all prospective parents/whānau to visit to ensure our Centre is the right early centre for your whānau. We can show you around, introduce you to our team and give you all the information that you need.

Once you have been given an overview of the centre, covering everything we have to offer and any questions you may have we give you an information pack and all relevant forms needed for enrolment.

Enrolling in the centre

Once the parents decide they would like to enrol their child in the centre, they complete the enrolment form and we take a copy of the child’s birth certificate or passport and up to date immunisation book. Your child doesn’t have to be immunised to attend the centre, but we must know to ensure we let you know if there are any infectious diseases going around, for example chickenpox. We also discuss a start date at our Centre. We will try our best to be as accommodating as possible, but sometimes, there are waiting lists. Then a $50.00 (non-refundable) enrolment fee is to be paid to secure your place in the centre.

Getting started

We know that it takes parents time to adjust to leaving their children in someone elses care and also children go through an adjustment period when there is change in their lives. At Kia ora Kids we want to make this easy and pleasant for both the child and the parent.

It is essential for you to spend time with your child in order to familiarise yourself and your child with the staff and surroundings. For most children this will take several visits together. We require parents to complete a minimum of two visits with their child. This applies especially to babies up to 18 months who may be experiencing “stranger anxiety” and need extra time to get to know the teachers who will care for them. Children may bring a special toy or blanket for bedtime.

We believe that each child is unique and will settle in their own way some may take a longer time than others.

Some tips –

  • Try to start with short visits so the child can gradually get to know us.
  • Give your child some time to adjust to being at the Centre.
  • Please feel free to ask staff about how your child has settled. We are only a phone call away..
  • Please do not disappear. Let your child know when you are leaving and when you will return eg. after lunch, after mat time. Be positive say good bye and leave.

What to bring

  • Please dress your child in appropriate play clothes including shoes to wear outside.
  • Please bring two complete changes of clothing, including underwear.
  • In summer, please bring a sunhat.
  • In winter, please bring a warm hat and jacket.
  • Please name all clothing.
  • If your child uses nappies please provide enough for each day, usually five. You can bring a pack and we will let you know when it is running out.
  • If your child is on formula please provide this made up in bottles. Please name the bottles. Cows milk is provided by Kia ora Kids.
  • If your child uses a particular nappy cream please provide this.

Continued learning at home

We encourage parents to view your child’s individual portfolio. Our skilled teachers are able to offer guidance on how to continue the learning at home. There are many great links throughout the website about different things you can be doing at home to support your child through their life long learning journey.


About Us

Kia ora Kids has a safe & stimulating learning environment that enhances each child’s growth and development. We are dedicated to developing each child to their full potential and consider it our role to provide professional and caring support, working together with parents, to give each child the best start in life.

Parent Zone

As a parent you can feel secure