Our Kia ora Kids at Home Educators

Our Kia ora Kids at Home  Educators are fabulous people who open their homes up to care for children before they start school. They all go the extra mile and treat Kia ora Kids at Home children just like their own.

Our Kia ora Kids at Home at Home Educators:

  • Care for children from their homes caring for a maximum of four children (two under the age of two) under the age of six(which includes their own children)
  • Have police clearance (as do all persons living in the house over the age of seventeen)
  • Have a current clean driver’s license
  • Have a safety approved home and property (that meets the criteria set by the Ministry of Education)
  • Are fully supported by Qualified Early Childhood Teachers
  • Provide Smoke Free environments
  • Have a good understanding of children’s development and learning
  • Are encouraged to attend and participate in Professional Development and Learning which is provided numerous times throughout the year and is incorporated in every Coordinator visit and Playgroup
  • Are invited and encouraged to attend our regular Playgroup sessions
  • Have access to a toy, resource and book library
  • Have a good understanding that learning can be incorporated in any and all daily activities; such as in doing the washing and hanging it out, there is maths concepts in counting pegs, colours, sorting colours, size, shape; Science, in wet/ dry, sunshine and evaporation……. And so on.